About us

About us

American Permalight®, a leading manufacturer of photoluminescent Safety Products

For the past 30 years, American Permalight®, Inc. photoluminescent signs and luminous egress path markings have helped people find their way out of darkened environments such as buildings, vehicle tunnels, trains, ships, mines and other spaces. Our high-performance glow-in-the-dark safety products help building and vehicular occupants safely find their way in the dark at night, during a power failure, building fire with smoke, natural disasters and other emergencies.

American Permalight®, Inc. started as a California Incorporation in March of 1988. In 1993, the first New York City World Trade Center bomb attack took place in a lower parking garage and many building occupants had to evacuate the high-rise towers through smoke. In 1994, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey installed Permalight® photoluminescent safety markings in the emergency staircases of the two high-rise towers. Seven years later, on 9/11/2001, these Permalight® markings helped save lives. Local Law 26 was written for NYC high-rise office buildings. The U.S. nationwide building codes started adopting photoluminescent egress path markings as non-electrical emergency lighting in staircases. All along, American Permalight®, Inc. has participated in the Standards and Codes writing processes and has offered matching photoluminescent safety products for the individual standard and code requirements.

We also care about occupational safety. Initially, American Permalight®, Inc. only offered three shapes of photoluminescent foamy cushioned safety bumper guards. Due to the success of the safety bumper guards as durable safety padding, we expanded our bumper guard range to black-yellow Corner, Edge and Flat Surface Guards and most recently added reflective foam bumpers for indoor and outdoor use.

American Permalight®, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Kroschke sign-international GmbH, Braunschweig, Germany. Kroschke is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer (» Download the Certificate [PDF]).

The quality of Permalight® photoluminescent products is the result of extensive research conducted at our laboratory in Germany and supported by an in-house luminance quality control laboratory in the U.S. Furthermore, a stringent ISO 9001-certified manufacturing process assures that only approved products of the highest quality leave the plant.

Permalight® is a financially strong company with long-time, knowledgeable employees. Our experts are intimately familiar with domestic and international codes and standards. Whether you have a new project or an existing project to retrofit contact us!

American Permalight®, Inc. guarantees you:

  • Extensive experience in Photoluminescent safety
  • In-house research and development facilities
  • Broad product range / many material types
  • Same-day shipping
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing processes
  • Custom-design and production capabilities
  • Solid company with knowledgeable employees
  • Experienced consultants
  • Photoluminescent solutions that fit your building budget
  • Photoluminescent UL 924 listed EXIT signs
  • Photoluminescent UL1994 listed Egress Path Markings
  • Photoluminescent MEA-listed markings for New York City; UV rating for all MEA numbers
  • Polyurethane Corner- and Wall Guards in various shapes, colors and sizes

Compliance & Certifications

ISO 9001 – Customer satisfaction is our benchmark and the quality of our photoluminescent products is our highest priority. Our production is certified to the worldwide-accepted Quality Management System (QMS) standard ISO 9001 and all production processes are subject to strict controls. For you as a customer this is the assurance that Permalight® manufacturing fulfils all requirements in competence and quality.

ISO 14001 – Environmental protection is important to us in all stages of our production. Since July 2009, our production has been certified to the Environmental Management System (EMS) standard ISO 14001.

Additional Compliances and Certifications:

  • IBC International Building Code
  • IFC International Fire Code
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • NFPA 5000 Building Construction and Safety Code
  • California Building Code compliant; certified by CA State Fire Marshal
  • Connecticut Building Code compliant Floor Proximity Exit Signs + Egress Path Markings in Access corridors
  • New York City Local Law 26, Reference Standard RS6-1 compliant: 4 MEA-listed materials
  • New York City Local Law 141 per NYC Building Code
  • New York City Local Law 3 RCNY §505-01 and 3 RCNY §505-02 (residential signage)
  • TJC The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • UL1994-listed Luminous Egress Path Markings
  • UL924-listed Photoluminescent EXIT Signs, listed by Underwriters Laboratories and ETL-Intertek Testing
  • OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1910.37 (b) (6)
  • ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Facilities Standard P100 for US Public Buildings of GSA-General Services Administration
  • ASTM E2072-10: Specification for Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Safety Markings
  • ASTM E2073-10: Test Method for Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Markings
  • ASTM E2030-09a: Guide for Recommended Uses of Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Safety Markings
  • ASTM D4828 Washability Test
  • ASTM D3648 Non-Radioactivity Test
  • ASTM E162 Surface Flammability Test
  • ASTM D635 Rate of Burning Test
  • ASTM G155 UV-Degradation Resistance Test
  • Bombardier SMP 800-C Toxicity Test
  • APTA SS-PS-004-99, Rev. 2 Standard for Low-Location Exit Path Marking, published October 2007
  • APTA SS-PS-002-98, Rev. 3- Standard for Emergency Signage for Egress/Access of Passenger Rail Equipment, published October 2007 by the American Public Transportation Association
  • Canadian Guide for the Installation of Photoluminescent Exit Stairway Markings in Buildings, NRC Canada
  • ULC-S572 Canadian Standard for Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs and Path Marking Systems
  • ISO 15370 Low-Location Lighting on Passenger Ships
  • ISO 16069 Graphical Symbols, Safety Signs, Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS)
  • ISO 17398-Safety Colors and Safety Signs
  • IMO – International Maritime Organization certification by Germanischer Lloyd, Germany
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Appropriate Product Use

Many factors beyond American Permalight®'s control and uniquely within a user's knowledge and control can affect the use, application and performance of a Permalight® product in a particular application. Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a Permalight® product, each user is solely responsible for evaluating the product and determining whether it is suitable for a user's method of application and fit for a particular purpose. Questions? Contact us.

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