Projects & References

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Projects & References

Projects & References

Permalight® Photoluminescent Signs and Markings have been installed in hundreds of buildings nationwide, internationally and even in the ISS. Here you will see a few highlighted projects to give you an idea of which markings were installed. Give us a call so we can consult you on which markings are best for your project and budget needs: Toll-Free Tel. 888-737-6254.


New York City, New York
Orbit around Earth, Space
Las Vegas, Nevada
San Diego, California
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
San Diego, California
Los Angeles, California
Hollywood, California
Los Angeles, California
Fullerton, California

Appropriate Product Use

Many factors beyond American Permalight®'s control and uniquely within a user's knowledge and control can affect the use, application and performance of a Permalight® product in a particular application. Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and performance of a Permalight® product, each user is solely responsible for evaluating the product and determining whether it is suitable for a user's method of application and fit for a particular purpose. Questions? Contact us.

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